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Genetic markers in the Tuvan population of Todja, Siberia.

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Adult, Blood-Proteins: ge, Female, Gene-Frequency, Genetic-Markers, Histocompatibility-Testing, Human, HLA-Antigens: ge, Male, Middle-Age, Polymorphism-(Genetics), Siberia, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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Tissue Antigens 1997 Jun;49(6):629-34




Todja is a secluded region of northern Tuva-situated in the Sayany Mountains, Siberia. The aboriginal population of Todja is Tuvan. A total of 128 healthy Tuvans living in Todja were typed for HLA-A, -B and -C antigens and several plasma and erythrocyte protein polymorphisms (Hp, Tf, Gc, ESD, ACP, PGM1, PGD and ADA). The observed frequencies of all 8 blood protein and HLA genotypes were in agreement with Hardy-Weinberg expectations. The most frequent HLA antigens in Todjans are A2 (0.36), A3 (0.24), A9 (0.50), B15 (0.34) and B40 (0.50). HLA haplotypes A2B5, A2B40, A9B15 and A9B40 are most common in this population. The observed frequencies of protein polymorphisms and HLA antigens and haplotypes in Todjans are similar to those of other Mongoloid populations. A comparison of HLA frequencies currently observed in Todjans with those obtained 20 years ago at the same locality showed minor changes attributable to the effect of migration.

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