Genetic and physical mapping of the cerebellar deficient folia (cdf) locus on mouse chromosome 6 [In Process Citation]

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Genomics 2000 Oct; 69(1):135-8.


Cerebellar deficient folia (cdf) is a recessive mouse mutation causing ataxia and cerebellar cytoarchitectural abnormalities, including hypoplasia, foliation defects, and Purkinje cell ectopia. To identify the cdf gene, we have generated a high-resolution genetic map of a 3.24 +/- 0.55 cM (95% CI) region encompassing the cdf gene using 1997 F2 mice generated from a (C3H/HeSnJ-cdf/cdf x CAST/Ei)F1 intercross. Linkage analysis showed that the cdf gene cosegregates with D6Mit208, D6Mit359, and D6Mit225. A contig of five YACs, nine BACs, and three P1s was constructed across the cdf nonrecombinant region. Based on genetic and physical maps, the cdf gene was localized to the 0.28 +/- 0.23 cM (95% CI) interval between D6Mit209 and D6Ack1. These results will greatly facilitate the map-based cloning of the cdf gene, which in turn should further knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of neuronal positioning and foliation during cerebellar development. Copyright 2000 Academic Press.

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