Brain lipid-binding protein is a direct target of Notch signaling in radial glial cells.

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Binding-Sites, Carrier-Proteins, Central-Nervous-System, Comparative-Study, DNA-Binding-Proteins, Fatty-Acid-Binding-Proteins, Fluorescent-Antibody-Technique, Galactosides, Gene-Expression-Regulation-Developmental, Histocytochemistry, Immunoglobulin-J-Recombination-Signal-Sequence-Binding-Protein, Indoles, Membrane-Proteins, Mice, Mice-Transgenic, Nerve-Tissue-Proteins, Neuroglia, Nuclear-Proteins, Promoter-Regions-(Genetics), Receptors-Notch

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Genes Dev 2005 May; 19(9):1028-33.


Radial glia function during CNS development both as neural progenitors and as a scaffolding supporting neuronal migration. To elucidate pathways involved in these functions, we mapped in vivo the promoter for Blbp, a radial glial gene. We show here that a binding site for the Notch effector CBF1 is essential for all Blbp transcription in radial glia, and that BLBP expression is significantly reduced in the forebrains of mice lacking the Notch1 and Notch3 receptors. These results identify Blbp as the first predominantly CNS-specific Notch target gene and suggest that it mediates some aspects of Notch signaling in radial glia.