Inferring network interactions within a cell.

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Computer-Simulation, Gene-Expression-Profiling, Gene-Expression-Regulation-Fungal, Models-Biological, Protein-Array-Analysis, Protein-Interaction-Mapping, Saccharomyces-cerevisiae, Saccharomyces-cerevisiae-Proteins, Signal-Transduction

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Brief Bioinform 2005 Dec; 6(4):380-9.


The continuing growth in high-throughput data acquisition has led to a proliferation of network models to represent and analyse biological systems. These networks involve distinct interaction types detected by a combination of methods, ranging from directly observed physical interactions based in biochemistry to interactions inferred from phenotype measurements, genomic expression and comparative genomics. The discovery of interactions increasingly requires a blend of experimental and computational methods. Considering yeast as a model system, recent analytical methods are reviewed here and specific aims are proposed to improve network interaction inference and facilitate predictive biological modelling.