Chromosomal inversion discovered in C3H/HeJ mice.

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Genomics 2006 Feb; 87(2):311-3.


Mice of the inbred mouse strain C3H/HeJ have been shown to be homozygous for a chromosomal inversion on Chromosome (Chr) 6. The inversion encompasses about 20% of the chromosome from approximately 73 Mb to approximately 116 Mb. The importance of this finding is that linkage crosses using C3H/HeJ will show no recombination in this region of Chr 6. The inversion has no apparent effect on the phenotype of C3H/HeJ mice and its presence should not affect biological studies; however, use of C3H/HeJ mice for genetic analysis of Chr 6 should be avoided or the results interpreted with the inversion in mind. The inversion has been named In(6)1J (inversion Chr 6, Jackson 1).

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