Mouse Phenome Database (MPD).

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Databases-Factual, Disease-Models-Animal, Genotype, Internet, Mice-Inbred-Strains, Models-Animal, Phenotype, Polymorphism-Single-Nucleotide, Software, User-Computer-Interface

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Nucleic Acids Res 2007 Jan; 35(Database issue):D643-9.


The Mouse Phenome Database (MPD; http://www.jax.org/phenome) is a repository of phenotypic and genotypic data on commonly used and genetically diverse inbred strains of mice. Strain characteristics data are contributed by members of the scientific community. Electronic access to centralized strain data enables biomedical researchers to choose appropriate strains for many systems-based research applications, including physiological studies, drug and toxicology testing and modeling disease processes. MPD provides a community data repository and a platform for data analysis and in silico hypothesis testing. The laboratory mouse is a premier genetic model for understanding human biology and pathology; MPD facilitates research that uses the mouse to identify and determine the function of genes participating in normal and disease pathways.