Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB): status update and future directions.

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Computer-Graphics, Database-Management-Systems, Databases-Factual, Disease-Models-Animal, Internet, Mice, Neoplasms-Experimental, User-Computer-Interface

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Nucleic Acids Res 2007 Jan; 35(Database Issue):D638-42.


The Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) database provides access to data about endogenously arising tumors (both spontaneous and induced) in genetically defined mice (inbred, hybrid, mutant and genetically engineered mice). Data include information on the frequency and latency of mouse tumors, pathology reports and images, genomic changes occurring in the tumors, genetic (strain) background and literature or contributor citations. Data are curated from the primary literature or submitted directly from researchers. MTB is accessed via the Mouse Genome Informatics web site ( Integrated searches of MTB are enabled through use of multiple controlled vocabularies and by adherence to standardized nomenclature, when available. Recently MTB has been redesigned and its database infrastructure replaced with a robust relational database management system (RDMS). Web interface improvements include a new advanced query form and enhancements to already existing search capabilities. The Tumor Frequency Grid has been revised to enhance interactivity, providing an overview of reported tumor incidence across mouse strains and an entree into the database. A new pathology data submission tool allows users to submit, edit and release data to the MTB system.