An informatics approach to systems neurogenetics.

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Computational-Biology, Databases-Genetic, Humans, Information-Storage-and-Retrieval, Neurons, Quantitative-Trait-Loci

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Methods Mol Biol 2007; 401:287-303.


We outline the theory behind complex trait analysis and systems genetics and describe web-accessible resources including GeneNetwork (GN) that can be used for rapid exploratory analysis and hypothesis testing. GN, in particular, is a tightly integrated suite of bioinformatics tools and data sets, which supports the investigation of complex networks of gene variants, molecules, and cellular processes that modulate complex traits, including behavior and disease susceptibility. Using various statistical tools, users are able to analyze gene expression in various brain regions and tissues, map loci that modulate these traits, and explore genetic covariance among traits. Taken together, these tools enable the user to begin to assess complex interactions of gene networks, and facilitate analysis of traits using a systems approach.

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