Three-dimensional sub-100 nm resolution fluorescence microscopy of thick samples.

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Fluorescein, Fluorescent-Dyes, Image-Enhancement, Image-Interpretation-Computer-Assisted, Imaging-Three-Dimensional, Lasers, Light, Microscopy, Microscopy-Fluorescence, Software

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Nat Methods 2008 Jun; 5(6):527-9.


Imaging volumes as thick as whole cells at three-dimensional (3D) super-resolution is required to reveal unknown features of cellular organization. We report a light microscope that generates images with translationally invariant 30 x 30 x 75 nm resolution over a depth of several micrometers. This method, named biplane (BP) FPALM, combines a double-plane detection scheme with fluorescence photoactivation localization microscopy (FPALM) enabling 3D sub-diffraction resolution without compromising speed or sensitivity.