Bone remodeling, energy metabolism, and the molecular clock.


C J. Rosen

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Bone-Remodeling, Energy-Metabolism, Humans, Models-Biological, Neuropeptides, Osteoblasts, Osteocalcin

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Cell Metab 2008 Jan; 7(1):7-10.


The adult skeleton is constantly renewed through bone remodeling. Four recent papers (Baldock et al., 2007; Lee et al., 2007; Lundberg et al., 2007; Sato et al., 2007) provide new insights into central and peripheral control of this remodeling sequence. Two of the studies add to our knowledge of the complex hypothalamic modulation of bone turnover mediated by NMU and NPY via the sympathetic nervous system, while the other two focus on the peripheral neural target, the osteoblast, and its regulation by neuropeptides and osteocalcin. These findings support a new paradigm concerning the regulation of bone remodeling and provide a foundation for novel approaches to preventing osteoporosis.