Web-based access to mouse models of human cancers: the Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) Database.

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Nucleic Acids Res 2001 Jan; 29(1):95-7.


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The Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) Database serves as a curated, integrated resource for information about tumor genetics and pathology in genetically defined strains of mice (i.e., inbred, transgenic and targeted mutation strains). Sources of information for the database include the published scientific literature and direct data submissions by the scientific community. Researchers access MTB using Web-based query forms and can use the database to answer such questions as 'What tumors have been reported in transgenic mice created on a C57BL/6J background?', 'What tumors in mice are associated with mutations in the Trp53 gene?' and 'What pathology images are available for tumors of the mammary gland regardless of genetic background?'. MTB has been available on the Web since 1998 from the Mouse Genome Informatics web site (http://www.informatics.jax.org). We have recently implemented a number of enhancements to MTB including new query options, redesigned query forms and results pages for pathology and genetic data, and the addition of an electronic data submission and annotation tool for pathology data.