Integrating mouse anatomy and pathology ontologies into a phenotyping database: tools for data capture and training.

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Databases-Genetic, Disease, Information-Systems, Mice, Phenotype

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Mamm Genome 2008 Jun; 19(6):413-9.


The Mouse Disease Information System (MoDIS) is a data capture system for pathology data from laboratory mice designed to support phenotyping studies. The system integrates the mouse anatomy (MA) and mouse pathology (MPATH) ontologies into a Microsoft Access database facilitating the coding of organ, tissue, and disease process to recognized semantic standards. Grading of disease severity provides scores for all lesions that can then be used for quantitative trait locus (QTL) analyses and haplotype association gene mapping. Direct linkage to the Pathbase online database provides reference definitions for disease terms and access to photomicrographic images of similar diagnoses in other mutant mice. MoDIS is an open source and freely available program ( This provides a valuable tool for setting up a mouse pathology phenotyping program.