Selecting the "right" mouse model for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes research.

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Animals-Outbred-Strains, Diabetes-Mellitus-Type-2, Disease-Models-Animal, Metabolic-Syndrome-X, Mice-Inbred-Strains, Mice-Knockout, Mice-Transgenic, Multifactorial-Inheritance

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Methods Mol Biol 2009; 560:1-17.


This is not a "Methods" chapter in the traditional sense. Rather, it is an essay designed to help address one of the most frequently asked questions by investigators about to embark on a study requiring an animal model of diabetes - what is the "right" model for the reader's specific research application. Because genetic heterogeneity and the requirement for complex gene-environment interaction characterize the various mouse models of Type 2 diabetes as well as the human disease manifestations, the readers may come to share the author's conclusion that more than one model is required if the investigator is interested in knowing how broadly effective a given compound with putative therapeutic efficacy might be.

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