Transformations for cDNA microarray data.

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Stat Appl Genet Mol Biol 2003; 2:Article4.




Two channel microarray data often contain systematic variations that can be minimized by data transformation prior to further analysis. The most commonly observed effects are revealed by viewing scatter plots of the logarithm of the ratio by the average logarithmic intensity of the two color channels (RI plots). In this paper we present a general model for signal intensity data with multiple error sources. We demonstrate how these sources of error influence the shape of an RI plot. We then compare some currently available transformation strategies in terms of their mechanism and performance on both simulated and real microarray data. A linlog transformation is proposed to stabilize the variance of the log ratios. We also propose a regional smoothing method to remove variation in log ratios due to spatial heterogeneity on the microarray surface. The discussed transformations represent an important initial step in microarray data analysis for both ratio-based and ANOVA methods.

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