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Jonah and his friends at The Jackson Laboratory, text by Bob Gottlieb, drawings by Karen Davis. 2003. The Jackson Laboratory


Jonah, on the cover, may be the oldest mouse that ever lived. He has helped scientists learn about what happens when people get older. Jonah has made a lot of frends at The Jackson Laboratory and would like you to meet them and color them.

If you don't want to color inside the lines, that is fine with Jonah. He knows many scientists and some of them made very important discoveries because they grew up coloring outside the lines.

Jonah's picture on the cover was colored by Ailish Fahey, age eight, the daughter of Jim Fahey who works at The Jackson Laboratory. Jane Weinberger, who publishes books for children, picked the cover and the 10 other finalists who colored the pictures on the back cover.

Karen Davis, one of Jonah's many friends, drew all the pictures, Bob Gottlieb wrote the words.