Mapping of microsatellite loci and association of aorta atherosclerosis with LG VI markers in the rabbit.

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Animal, Aortic-Diseases, Arteriosclerosis, Chromosome-Mapping, Diet-Atherogenic, Female, Genetic-Markers, Linkage-(Genetics), Male, Microsatellite-Repeats, Quantitative-Trait, Rabbits, Telomerase

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Physiol Genomics 2001 Jun; 6(1):11-8.


Twenty-three rabbit microsatellites were extracted from the EMBL nucleotide database. Nine of these markers, together with nine earlier published microsatellite markers, were found to be polymorphic between the AX/JU and IIIVO/JU inbred strains. By using an F(2) intercross we could integrate five markers into the rabbit linkage map. One anonymous microsatellite marker could be assigned to chromosome 1, and one microsatellite marker, located within the metallothionein-1 gene, could be added to linkage group VI (LG VI). Three microsatellite markers (one anonymous, one located within the PMP2 gene, and one located within the FABP6 gene) constitute a new linkage group (LG XI). We also measured the degree of dietary cholesterol-induced aorta atherosclerosis in the F(2) animals. A significant cosegregation was found between the degree of aorta atherosclerosis and the allelic variation of the biochemical marker Est-2 on LG VI in male rabbits. This association was not found in female rabbits.