Emerging anabolic treatments for osteoporosis.

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Animal, Drug-Therapy-Combination, Female, Fractures, Human, Insulin-Like-Growth-Factor-I, Male, Middle-Age, Osteoporosis-Postmenopausal, Parathyroid-Hormones, Recombinant-Proteins, Somatropin

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Rheum Dis Clin North Am 2001 Feb; 27(1):215-33, viii.


Therapy for osteoporosis is principally centered on the use of agents that block bone resorption and supplementation with vitamin D and calcium. Although these drugs are effective in reducing the risk of subsequent fractures, and modestly increasing bone density, most patients being treated for osteoporosis still have low bone mass and a greater risk of fracture. Anabolic agents stimulate bone formation, strength, and mass. In addition, there is emerging evidence that anabolic agents can reduce subsequent fracture risk. The two most promising agents, parathyroid hormone (PTH) and GH/IGF-I, act to increase osteoblast mediated bone formation. A review of the potential usefulness of PTH and GH/IGF-I is presented.

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