Availability and characterization of transgenic and knockout mice with behavioral manifestations: where to look and what to search for.

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Behav Brain Res 2001 Nov; 125(1-2):33-7.


Mice altered by transgenesis or gene targeting ('knockouts') have increasingly been employed as alternative effective tools in elucidating the genetic basis of neurophysiology and behavior. Standardization of specific behavioral paradigms and phenotyping strategies will ensure that these behavioral mouse mutants offer robust models for evaluating the efficacy of novel therapeutics in the treatment of hereditary neurological disorders. The Induced Mutant Resource (IMR) at The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, Maine, USA) imports, cryopreserves, develops, maintains, and distributes to the research community biomedically valuable stocks of transgenic and targeted mutant mice. Information on behavioral and neurological strains-including a phenotypic synopsis, husbandry requirements, strain availability, and genetic typing protocols-is available through the IMR database (http://www.jax.org/resources/documents/imr/). A current catalog of available strains is readily accessible via the JAX(R)Mice Web site at http://jaxmice.jax.org/index.shtml. In addition, The Jackson Laboratory is now home to TBASE (http://tbase.jax.org/), a comprehensive, community database whose primary focus is on mouse knockouts. TBASE accommodates an exhaustive bibliographical resource for transgenic and knockout mice and provides a detailed phenotypic characterization of numerous behavioral knockouts that is primarily extracted from the literature. Concerted efforts to merge the two resources into a new, schematically reformed database are underway.

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