Use of coisogenic host blastocysts for efficient establishment of germline chimeras with C57BL/6J ES cell lines.

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Biotechniques 2001 Nov; 31(5):1022-4, 1026.


Gene targeting in embryonic stem (ES) cells allows the production of mice with specified genetic mutations. Currently, germline-competent ES cell lines are available from only a limited number of mouse strains, and inappropriate ES cell/host blastocyst combinations often restrict the efficient production of gene-targeted mice. Here, we describe the derivation of C57BL/6J (B6) ES lines and compare the effectiveness of two host blastocyst donors, FVB/NJ (FVB) and the coisogenic strain C57BL/6-Tyr(c)-2J (c2J), for the production of germline chimeras. We found that when B6 ES cells were injected into c2J host blastocysts, a high rate of coat-color chimerism was detected, and germline transmission could be obtained with few blastocyst injections. In all but one case, highly chimeric mice transmitted to 100% of their offspring. The injection of B6 ES cells into FVB blastocysts produced some chimeric mice. However; the proportion of coat-color chimerism was low, with many more blastocyst injections required to generate chimeras capable of germline transmission. Our data support the use of the coisogenic albino host strain, c2J, for the generation of germline-competent chimeric mice when using B6 ES cells.

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