The Mouse Tumor Biology Database: a public resource for cancer genetics and pathology of the mouse.

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Computational-Biology, Databases, Mice, Neoplasms, Rodent-Diseases, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S

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Cancer Res 2002 Mar; 62(5):1235-40.


CA34196/CA/NCI, CA89713/CA/NCI


Developing genetic mouse models for cancer research has been recognized as an "exceptional opportunity" by the National Cancer Institute. The establishment of bioinformatics resources to facilitate access to published and unpublished data on the genetics and pathology of cancer in different strains of the laboratory mouse is critical to developing and using mouse models of human disease. In this article, we review the Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB), a public resource for information on cancer genetics, epidemiology, and pathology in genetically defined mice. We outline current content, data acquisition strategies, and query mechanisms for MTB. MTB is accessible on-line at http://tumor.informatics.jax.org.