The comprehensive mouse radiation hybrid map densely cross-referenced to the recombination map: a tool to support the sequence assemblies.

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Genome Res 2003 Jan; 13(1):122-33.


We have developed a unique comprehensive mouse radiation hybrid (RH) map of nearly 23,000 markers integrating data from three international genome centers and over 400 independent laboratories. We have cross-referenced this map to the 0.5-cM resolution recombination-based Jackson Laboratory (TJL) backcross panel map, building a complete set of RH framework chromosome maps based on a high density of known-ordered anchor markers. We have systematically typed markers to improve coverage and resolve discrepancies, and have reanalyzed data sets as needed. The cross-linking of the RH and recombination maps has resulted in a highly accurate genome-wide map with consistent marker order. We have compared these linked framework maps to the Ensembl mouse genome sequence assembly, and show that they are a useful medium resolution tool for both validating sequence assembly and elucidating chromosome biology. [Supplemental material is available online at]