Curly bare (cub), a new mouse mutation on chromosome 11 causing skin and hair abnormalities, and a modifier gene (mcub) on chromosome 5.

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Genomics 2003 Jan; 81(1):6-14.


In the outcrossing of a new recessive mouse mutation causing hair loss, a new wavy-coated phenotype appeared. The two distinct phenotypes were shown to be alternative manifestations of the same gene mutation and attributable to a single modifier locus. The new mutation, curly bare (cub), was mapped to distal Chr 11 and the modifier (mcub) was mapped to Chr 5. When homozygous for the recessive mcub allele, cub/cub mice appear hairless. A single copy of the dominant Mcub allele confers a full, curly coat in cub/cub mice. Reciprocal transfer of full-thickness skin grafts between mutant and control animals showed that the skin phenotype was tissue autonomous. The hairless cub/cub mcub/mcub mice show normal contact sensitivity responses to oxazolone. The similarity of the wavy coat phenotype to those of Tgfa and Egfr mutations and the map positions of cub and mcub suggest candidate genes that interact in the EGF receptor signal transduction pathway.