The human DDX and DHX gene families of putative RNA helicases.

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Genomics 2003 Jun; 81(6):618-22.


Nucleic acid helicases are characterized by the presence of the helicase domain containing eight motifs. The sequence of the helicase domain is used to classify helicases into families. To identify members of the DEAD and DEAH families of human RNA helicases, we used the helicase domain sequences to search the nonredundant peptide sequence database. We report the identification of 36 and 14 members of the DEAD and DEAH families of putative RNA helicases, including several novel genes. The gene symbol DDX had been used previously for both DEAD- and DEAH-box families. We have now adopted DDX and DHX symbols to denote DEAD- and DEAH-box families, respectively. Members of human DDX and DHX families of putative RNA helicases play roles in differentiation and carcinogenesis.