A new role for the mitotic RAD21/SCC1 cohesin in meiotic chromosome cohesion and segregation in the mouse.

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EMBO Rep 2004 Apr; 5(4):378-84.


The evolutionarily conserved cohesin complex is required for the establishment and maintenance of sister chromatid cohesion, in turn essential for proper chromosome segregation. RAD21/SCC1 is a regulatory subunit of the mitotic cohesin complex, as it links together all other subunits of the complex. The destruction of RAD21/SCC1 along chromosomal arms and later at centromeres results in the dissociation of the cohesin complex, facilitating chromosome segregation. Here, we report for the first time that mammalian RAD21/SCC1 associates with the axial/lateral elements of the synaptonemal complex along chromosome arms and on centromeres of mouse spermatocytes. Importantly, RAD21/SCC1 is lost from chromosome arms in late prophase I but persists on centromeres. The loss of centromeric RAD21/SCC1 coincides with the separation of sister chromatids at anaphase II. These findings support a role for mammalian RAD21/SCC1 in maintaining sister chromatid cohesion in meiosis.