The inner nuclear membrane protein lamin B receptor forms distinct microdomains and links epigenetically marked chromatin to the nuclear envelope.

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Heterochromatin, Human, Nuclear-Envelope, Receptors-Cytoplasmic-and-Nuclear, Spectrum-Analysis-Mass

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J Biol Chem 2004 Jun; 279(24):25567-73.


Using heterochromatin-enriched fractions, we have detected specific binding of mononucleosomes to the N-terminal domain of the inner nuclear membrane protein lamin B receptor. Mass spectrometric analysis reveals that LBR-associated particles contain complex patterns of methylated/acetylated histones and are devoid of "euchromatic" epigenetic marks. LBR binds heterochromatin as a higher oligomer and forms distinct nuclear envelope microdomains in vivo. The organization of these membrane assemblies is affected significantly in heterozygous ic (ichthyosis) mutants, resulting in a variety of structural abnormalities and nuclear defects.