A compendium of mouse knockouts with inner ear defects.

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Deafness, Ear-Inner, Humans, Mice, Mice-Knockout

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Trends Genet 2002 Oct; 18(10):499.


Genetically engineered strains of mice, modified by gene targeting (knockouts), are increasingly being employed as alternative effective research tools in elucidating the genetic basis of human deafness. An impressive array of auditory and vestibular mouse knockouts is already available as a valuable resource for studying the ontogenesis, morphogenesis and function of the mammalian inner ear. This article provides a current catalog of mouse knockouts with inner ear morphogenetic malformations and hearing or balance deficits resulting from ablation of genes that are regionally expressed in the inner ear and/or within surrounding tissues, such as the hindbrain, neural crest and mesenchyme.