The Gene Ontology (GO) project: structured vocabularies for molecular biology and their application to genome and expression analysis.

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Genes, Genomics, Proteins, Terminology-as-Topic, Vocabulary-Controlled


Scientists wishing to utilize genomic data have quickly come to realize the benefit of standardizing descriptions of experimental procedures and results for computer-driven information retrieval systems. The focus of the Gene Ontology project is three-fold. First, the project goal is to compile the Gene Ontologies; structured vocabularies describing domains of molecular biology. Second, the project supports the use of these structured vocabularies in the annotation of gene products. Third, the gene product-to-GO annotation sets are provided by participating groups to the public through open access to the GO database and Web resource. This unit describes the current ontologies and what is beyond the scope of the Gene Ontology project. It addresses the issue of how GO vocabularies are constructed and related to genes and gene products. It concludes with a discussion of how researchers can access, browse, and utilize the GO project in the course of their own research.

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