alpha- and beta-Adducin polymorphisms affect podocyte proteins and proteinuria in rodents and decline of renal function in human IgA nephropathy.

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Calmodulin-Binding-Proteins, Glomerulonephritis-IGA, Humans, Kidney, Kidney-Function-Tests, Mice, Podocytes, Polymorphism-Genetic, Proteinuria, Rats, Rodentia

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J Mol Med 2010 Feb; 88(2):203-17.


Adducins are cytoskeletal actin-binding proteins (alpha, beta, gamma) that function as heterodimers and heterotetramers and are encoded by distinct genes. Experimental and clinical evidence implicates alpha- and beta-adducin variants in hypertension and renal dysfunction. Here, we have addressed the role of alpha- and beta-adducin on glomerular function and disease using beta-adducin null mice, congenic substrains for alpha- and beta-adducin from the Milan hypertensive (MHS) and Milan normotensive (MNS) rats and patients with IgA nephropathy. Targeted deletion of beta-adducin in mice reduced urinary protein excretion, preceded by an increase of podocyte protein expression (phospho-nephrin, synaptopodin, alpha-actinin, ZO-1, Fyn). The introgression of polymorphic MHS beta-adducin locus into MNS (Add2, 529R) rats was associated with an early reduction of podocyte protein expression (nephrin, synaptopodin, alpha-actinin, ZO-1, podocin, Fyn), followed by severe glomerular and interstitial lesions and increased urinary protein excretion. These alterations were markedly attenuated when the polymorphic MHS alpha-adducin locus was also present (Add1, 316Y). In patients with IgA nephropathy, the rate of decline of renal function over time was associated to polymorphic beta-adducin (ADD2, 1797T, rs4984) with a significant interaction with alpha-adducin (ADD1, 460W, rs4961). These findings suggest that adducin genetic variants participate in the development of glomerular lesions by modulating the expression of specific podocyte proteins.

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