A modifier gene alleviates hypothyroidism-induced hearing impairment in Pou1f1dw dwarf mice.

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Genetics 2011 Oct; 189(2):665-73.




Thyroid hormone has pleiotropic effects on cochlear development, and genomic variation influences the severity of associated hearing deficits. DW/J-Pou1f1dw/dw mutant mice lack pituitary thyrotropin, which causes severe thyroid hormone deficiency and profound hearing impairment. To assess the genetic complexity of protective effects on hypothyroidism-induced hearing impairment, an F1 intercross was generated between DW/J-Pou1f1dw/+ carriers and an inbred strain with excellent hearing derived from Mus castaneus, CAST/EiJ. Approximately 24% of the (DW/J×CAST/EiJ) Pou1f1dw/dw F2 progeny had normal hearing. A genome scan revealed a locus on chromosome 2, named modifier of dw hearing, or Mdwh, that rescues hearing despite persistent hypothyroidism. This chromosomal region contains the modifier of tubby hearing 1 (Moth1) locus that encodes a protective allele of the microtubule-associated protein MTAP1A. DW/J-Pou1f1dw/+ carriers were crossed with the AKR strain, which also carries a protective allele of Mtap1a, and we found that AKR is not protective for hearing in the (DW/J×AKR) Pou1f1dw/dw F2 progeny. Thus, protective alleles of Mtap1a are not sufficient to rescue DW/J-Pou1f1dw/dw hearing. We expect that identification of protective modifiers will enhance our understanding of the mechanisms of hypothyroidism-induced hearing impairment.