GWAS of follicular lymphoma reveals allelic heterogeneity at 6p21.32 and suggests shared genetic susceptibility with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Karin E Smedby
Jia Nee Foo
Christine F Skibola
Hatef Darabi
Lucia Conde
Henrik Hjalgrim
Vikrant Kumar
Ellen T Chang
Nathaniel Rothman
James R Cerhan
Angela R Brooks-Wilson
Emil Rehnberg
Ishak D Irwan
Lars P Ryder
Peter N Brown
Paige M Bracci
Luz Agana
Jacques Riby
Wendy Cozen
Scott Davis
Patricia Hartge
Lindsay M Morton
Richard K Severson
Sophia S Wang
Susan L Slager
Zachary S Fredericksen
Anne J Novak
Neil E Kay
Thomas M Habermann
Bruce Armstrong
Anne Kricker
Sam Milliken
Mark P Purdue
Claire M Vajdic
Peter Boyle
Qing Lan
Shelia H Zahm
Yawei Zhang
Tongzhang Zheng
Stephen Leach
John J Spinelli
Martyn T Smith
Stephen J Chanock
Leonid Padyukov
Lars Alfredsson
Lars Klareskog
Bengt Glimelius
Mads Melbye
Edison T Liu
Hans-Olov Adami
Keith Humphreys
Jianjun Liu


Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) represents a diverse group of hematological malignancies, of which follicular lymphoma (FL) is a prevalent subtype. A previous genome-wide association study has established a marker, rs10484561 in the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class II region on 6p21.32 associated with increased FL risk. Here, in a three-stage genome-wide association study, starting with a genome-wide scan of 379 FL cases and 791 controls followed by validation in 1,049 cases and 5,790 controls, we identified a second independent FL-associated locus on 6p21.32, rs2647012 (OR(combined) = 0.64, P(combined) = 2 × 10(-21)) located 962 bp away from rs10484561 (r(2)