Using chimaeric expression sequence tag as the reference to identify three-dimensional chromosome contacts.

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DNA Res 2013 Feb; 20(1):45-53.




Transcription-induced chimaeric transcripts, the potential post-transcriptional processing products, might reflect the spatial proximity of actively transcribed genes co-localized in transcription factories. A growing number of expression data deposited in databases provide us with the raw material for screening such chimaeric transcripts and using them as the probes to identify interactions between genes in cis or in trans. Based on the high-quality chimaeric transcripts gleaned from human expression sequence tag data with selection criteria, we identified the patterns of inter- and intrachromosomal gene-gene interactions. On top the contact pattern from interchromosomal interactions, we also observed an exponential behaviour of the intrachromosomal interactions within a certain length scale, which is consistent with the independent experimental results from Hi-C screening and with the Random Loop Model. A compatible result is found for mouse. Transcription-induced chimaeric transcripts, most of which might be accidental products with trivial functions, shed light on the spatial organization of chromosomes. These inter- and intrachromosomal interactions might contribute to the compaction of chromosomes, their segregation and formation of the chromosome territories, and their spatial distribution within the nucleus. DNA Res 2013 Feb; 20(1):45-53.