Systematic Evaluation of the Skin and Adnexa in Mutant Laboratory Mice.

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Curr Protoc Mouse Biol 2014 Sep; 4:105-119.




The skin and its adnexa, hair and nails, are one of the easiest organ systems to evaluate as it is the most accessible. However, mice are small, have lots of very fine hair of multiple types, and while major abnormalities are obvious, subtle ones, or the basis for these defects can be difficult to define. To assist in outlining basic approaches to evaluating mice clinically as well as microscopically with the help of a pathologist, methods are provided here that are used routinely in many laboratories. The mouse is a very useful mammalian model system for studying normal and abnormal (disease) development and there is a high degree of correlation with not only human biology and medicine but that of most other mammalian species. Utilizing basic approaches standardizes analysis and provides quality samples for analysis. Curr Protoc Mouse Biol 2014 Sep; 4:105-119.

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