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Genes Cancer 2020; 11(1-2):83-94.





The Linda Tallen and David Kane Educational Foundation, CA034196,OD210259


Known as the guardian of the genome, transformation-related protein 53 (TRP53) is a well -known tumor suppressor. Here, we describe a novel TRP53 deficient mouse model on a tumor prone background-SJL/J mice. The absence of TRP53 (TRP53 nullizygosity) leads to a shift in the tumor spectrum from a non-Hodgkin's-like disease to thymic lymphomas and testicular teratomas at a very rapid tumor onset averaging ~12 weeks of age. In haplotype studies, comparing tumor prone versus tumor resistant Trp53 null mouse strains, we found that other tumor suppressor, DNA repair and/or immune system genes modulate tumor incidence in TRP53 null strains, suggesting that even a strong tumor suppressor such as TRP53 is modulated by genetic background. Due to their rapid development of tumors, the SJL/J TRP53 null mice generated here can be used as an efficient chemotherapy or immunotherapy screening mouse model.


We thank Byrant Perkins, Caitlin Lewis, and Cindy Avery for mouse care and genotyping. Susanne Sattler and Stephen Krasinski for advice and manuscript review.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Microinjection, JAX Sanger Sequencing, Histopathological Sciences and Microscopy Service at The Jackson Laboratory for expert assistance with the work described in this publication.

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