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JMG, Databases, Genetic, Genome, Genomics, Software

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BMC Res Notes. 2023;16(1):297







OBJECTIVE: Cross-species comparative genomics requires access to accurate homology data across the entire range of annotated genes. The Alliance of Genome Resources (AGR) provides an open-source and comprehensive database of homology data calculated using a wide array of algorithms at differing stringencies to elucidate orthologous relationships. However, the current AGR application program interface (API) is limited to five homology endpoints for nine species. While AGR provides a robust resource for several canonical species, its utility can be greatly enhanced by increased filtering and data processing options and incorporating additional species.

RESULTS: Here, we describe a novel API tool, AON, that expands access to the AGR orthology resource by creating a data structure that supports 50 additional endpoints. More importantly, it provides users with a framework for adding bespoke endpoints, custom species, and additional orthology data. We demonstrate AON's functionality by incorporating the service into the GeneWeaver ecosystem for supporting cross-species data analysis.


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