Mouse Genome Database (MGD) 2019.

Carol J Bult, The Jackson Laboratory
Judith A. Blake, The Jackson Laboratory
Cynthia Smith, The Jackson Laboratory
James A. Kadin, The Jackson Laboratory
Joel E Richardson, The Jackson Laboratory
Mouse Genome Database Group, The Jackson Laboratory


The Mouse Genome Database (MGD; is the community model organism genetic and genome resource for the laboratory mouse. MGD is the authoritative source for biological reference data sets related to mouse genes, gene functions, phenotypes, and mouse models of human disease. MGD is the primary outlet for official gene, allele and mouse strain nomenclature based on the guidelines set by the International Committee on Standardized Nomenclature for Mice. In this report we describe significant enhancements to MGD, including two new graphical user interfaces: (i) the Multi Genome Viewer for exploring the genomes of multiple mouse strains and (ii) the Phenotype-Gene Expression matrix which was developed in collaboration with the Gene Expression Database (GXD) and allows researchers to compare gene expression and phenotype annotations for mouse genes. Other recent improvements include enhanced efficiency of our literature curation processes and the incorporation of Transcriptional Start Site (TSS) annotations from RIKEN's FANTOM 5 initiative.