Methods for comparative ChIA-PET and Hi-C data analysis.

Dan Capurso
Zhonghui Tang
Yijun Ruan, The Jackson Laboratory


The three-dimensional architecture of chromatin in the nucleus is important for genome regulation and function. Advanced high-throughput sequencing-based methods have been developed for capturing chromatin interactions (Hi-C, genome-wide chromosome conformation capture) or enriching for those involving a specific protein (ChIA-PET, chromatin interaction analysis with paired-end tag sequencing). There is widespread interest in utilizing and interpreting ChIA-PET and Hi-C. We review methods for comparative ChIA-PET and Hi-C data analysis and visualization. The topics reviewed include: downloading ChIA-PET and Hi-C data from the ENCODE and 4DN portals; processing ChIA-PET data using ChIA-PIPE; processing Hi-C data using Juicer or distiller and cooler; viewing 2D contact maps using Juicebox or Higlass; viewing peaks, loops, and domains using BASIC Browser; annotating convergent and tandem CTCF loops.