Annotated expression and activity data for murine recombinase alleles and transgenes: the CrePortal resource.

Michelle N Perry, The Jackson Laboratory
Constance M. Smith, The Jackson Laboratory
Hiroaki Onda, The Jackson Laboratory
Martin Ringwald, The Jackson Laboratory
Stephen A. Murray, The Jackson Laboratory
Cynthia Smith, The Jackson Laboratory


Recombinase alleles and transgenes can be used to facilitate spatio-temporal specificity of gene disruption or transgene expression. However, the versatility of this in vivo recombination system relies on having detailed and accurate characterization of recombinase expression and activity to enable selection of the appropriate allele or transgene. The CrePortal ( ) leverages the informatics infrastructure of Mouse Genome Informatics to integrate data from the scientific literature, direct data submissions from the scientific community at-large, and from major projects developing new recombinase lines and characterizing recombinase expression and specificity patterns. Searching the CrePortal by recombinase activity or specific recombinase gene driver provides users with a recombinase alleles and transgenes activity tissue summary and matrix comparison of gene expression and recombinase activity with links to generation details, a recombinase activity grid, and associated phenotype annotations. Future improvements will add cell type-based activity annotations. The CrePortal provides a comprehensive presentation of recombinase allele and transgene data to assist researchers in selection of the recombinase allele or transgene based on where and when recombination is desired.