Multiple genome viewer (MGV): a new tool for visualization and comparison of multiple annotated genomes.

Joel E Richardson, The Jackson Laboratory
Richard M. Baldarelli, The Jackson Laboratory
Carol J Bult, The Jackson Laboratory


The assembled and annotated genomes for 16 inbred mouse strains (Lilue et al., Nat Genet 50:1574-1583, 2018) and two wild-derived strains (CAROLI/EiJ and PAHARI/EiJ) (Thybert et al., Genome Res 28:448-459, 2018) are valuable resources for mouse genetics and comparative genomics. We developed the multiple genome viewer (MGV; ) to support visualization, exploration, and comparison of genome annotations within and across these genomes. MGV displays chromosomal regions of user-selected genomes as horizontal tracks. Equivalent features across the genome tracks are highlighted using vertical 'swim lane' connectors. Navigation across the genomes is synchronized as a researcher uses the scroll and zoom functions. Researchers can generate custom sets of genes and other genome features to be displayed in MGV by entering genome coordinates, function, phenotype, disease, and/or pathway terms. MGV was developed to be genome agnostic and can be used to display homologous features across genomes of different organisms.