Genetic variation and gene expression across multiple tissues and developmental stages in a nonhuman primate.

Anna J Jasinska
Ivette Zelaya
Susan K Service
Christine B Peterson
Rita M Cantor
Oi-Wa Choi
Joseph DeYoung
Eleazar Eskin
Lynn A Fairbanks
Scott Fears
Allison E Furterer
Yu S Huang
Vasily Ramensky
Christopher A Schmitt
Hannes Svardal
Matthew J Jorgensen
Jay R Kaplan
Diego Villar
Bronwen L Aken
Paul Flicek
Rishi Nag
Emily S Wong
John Blangero
Thomas D Dyer
Marina Bogomolov
Yoav Benjamini
George M. Weinstock, The Jackson Laboratory
Ken Dewar
Chiara Sabatti
Richard K Wilson
J David Jentsch
Wesley Warren
Giovanni Coppola
Roger P Woods
Nelson B Freimer


By analyzing multitissue gene expression and genome-wide genetic variation data in samples from a vervet monkey pedigree, we generated a transcriptome resource and produced the first catalog of expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) in a nonhuman primate model. This catalog contains more genome-wide significant eQTLs per sample than comparable human resources and identifies sex- and age-related expression patterns. Findings include a master regulatory locus that likely has a role in immune function and a locus regulating hippocampal long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), whose expression correlates with hippocampal volume. This resource will facilitate genetic investigation of quantitative traits, including brain and behavioral phenotypes relevant to neuropsychiatric disorders.