Functional interrogation of human T cell co-stimulatory molecules.

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Summer 2016

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In: Student Reports, Summer 2016, Jackson Laboratory


Although many co-stimulatory molecules have been discovered and studied, there is still plenty to uncover of their functions. This study focuses on the interactions between the inducible T cell co-stimulator (ICOS) and its ligand (ICOSL). We hypothesize that these co-signaling molecules have unique functions in different cell types. In this study, we used flow cytometry to determine the expression of ICOS and ICOSL on different T cell subsets. We found that ICOS was highly expressed on the surface of activated T cells, while ICOSL was not. Thus, in order to study ICOS/ICOSL signaling, we cloned ICOSL DNA sequence into a lentiviral vector and generated ICOSL expressing T2 cell line through lentiviral transduction. The observation of surface expression on activated cells indicates that the ICOS/ICOSL signaling has a stimulatory role in T cell activation. The data also suggest that ICOSL is only expressed on non T cells.

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