SAGED-MM: Web Application for the Comprehensive Analysis of Mouse Models


Joshua Mincer

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Publication Date

Summer 2019

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In: Student Reports, Summer 2019, The Jackson Laboratory


The generation of new mouse models of disease requires systematic assessment of the specific disease relevance of each mouse model. Prompted by the creation of over 30 new mouse models by the Model Organism Development and Evaluation for Late-onset Alzheimer's disease consortium (MODEL-AD), a new application was developed to allow users to perform such gene expression analyses as quickly and easily as possible. This application, known as Streamlined Analyses of Gene Expression Data from Mouse Models (SAGED-MM), hosts a plethora of different statistical tests and reference information to allow users to investigate questions based around either the included Alzheimer's model mouse RNA-seq data which exists within the native state of the application or around their own uploaded data to the application. As SAGED-MM is maintained and new data for these mouse strains are generated, the application will be able to answer more inquiries with no change to the entry-level difficulty for usage.

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