Comparing Gene Sets by Comparing Gene Enrichmen


Irissa Machetta

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Publication Date

Summer 2021

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In: Student Reports, Summer 2021, The Jackson Laboratory


This project aims to develop a software approach that compares gene enrichment results between gene sets of biological interest. The project creates a statistical measure of correlation between the gene sets using rank order correlation methods. Secondly, the project’s software pipeline produces a graphical representation of the overlapping characteristics to visually illustrate the similarities and differences between gene sets in multiple ontologies (biological functions). The purpose is to reveal any potential underlying biological functional similarities between different biological conditions (e.g. disease states) to inform future research development which may lead to novel treatment approaches.

The results of the study were promising in establishing a baseline of comparison through positive and negative control sets and applying the approach to a biological test case from a study examining the difference in expression of mouse kidney genes during aging. The project established a foundation for further research and development to understand the strengths and limitations of the approach.

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