Testing the Extent a Chemotherapy is Influenced by Host Genetics


Marianna Ward

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Publication Date

Summer 2021

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In: Student Reports, Summer 2021, The Jackson Laboratory


The aim of this project is to xenograft a breast cancer cell line, MDA-MB-231, in four different mouse strains BALB/cJ.Rag1-/-, C57BL6/J.Rag1-/-, NOD/ShiLtJ.Rag1-/-, and the control NSG strain to determine the effect of the host on Cisplatin efficacy. In previous experiments, it was shown that genetically diverse mice grow identical tumors at different rates independent of the adaptive immune system. This suggests that host genetics affects the rate of tumor growth. This experiment will explore whether host genetics also influence the rate at which tumors decrease in volume after being treated with 2 mg/Kg of Cisplatin. If the reaction to cisplatin is statistically significant between strains of mice with different genetic backgrounds, then more resources need to be invested in exploring more personalized treatments for patients.

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