Neoteny in Mice: The effects of PDGFRα+ cell depletion during postnatal growth


Raheem Khadour

Document Type


Publication Date

Summer 2023



JAX Location

In: Student Reports, Summer 2023, The Jackson Laboratory


PDGFRα (platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha), a receptor essential for the growth of fibroblasts and smooth muscles, is expressed during all stages of development. PDGFRα is involved in pathways critical for cell growth. Research has demonstrated the effects of PDGFRα depletion in adult mice, leading to deficits in the skeletal muscle and the heart. Moreover, research has established that the PDGFRα is vital during embryonic development, and the consequences of its depletion are lethal. However, the field lacks an understanding of the receptor's role during postnatal growth. Here, we examine the overall impact of global PDGFRα depletion on the heart and skeletal muscle growth postnatally and before complete maturation. Our results show that the global PDGFRα + cell depletion stagnates whole-body growth and maturation during development. Moreover, PDGFRα+ depleted adult mice have heart and skeletal muscle sizes consistent with a 3-week-old animal. The results of our projects establish the first model of pre-pubertal depletion of PDGFRα in mice. Such a model contributes to our understanding of the receptor during development globally. This work could also provide a perspective on aging and disorders affecting growth hormone production during juvenile development.

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