Growth kinetics and treatment of pharyngeal carcinoma in immunodeficient mice


Leah Spade

Document Type


Publication Date

Summer 2023



JAX Location

In: Student Reports, Summer 2023, The Jackson Laboratory


This experiment inves.gated the impact of gene.c diversity on the growth of KYSE-70 cell line from a pa.ent with pharyngeal carcinoma in immunocompromised mice. The study compared the growth of KYSE-70 tumors in five different strains of Rag1-/- mice and observed a dis.nct linear growth paDern, unlike the exponen.al growth paDern seen in previous studies with other types of cancer. The tumor sizes were rela.vely small, and limited metastasis was observed. The findings suggest that the myeloid immune system, which is s.ll intact in these Rag1-/- mice, responds to the tumors, thus inhibi.ng cancer growth. Further research is needed to confirm this hypothesis.

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