Transplanted tumours of rats and mice, an index of tumours and host strains.


D C. Roberts

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Neoplasm:, Transplantation:, Types of Tumors:, Transplantable Tumors: C1300, E0771, SAR-180, 15091A, P1534, DBRB, C1498, 6C3HED (GARDNER), C3HBA, AK4, 755, CA 755, 1025, KREBS-2, EHRLICH, MOPC (ALL), SAR-91, LSA, SAR-1 (SAI), L 4946, LANDSCHUTZ, L 1210, X 5563, P 1798, ADJ-PC-5, (ALL), TAPER HEPATOMA, TAPER LIVER TU., EARAD1, MECCA, P288, P388, L 5178(Y), RCS, P329, L-2, MPC (ALL), 134, H 2712, HEP. 2977, 678 ASCITES CAR., LAVUFB, H-P (HARDING-PASSEY), TA3, H 10119, P815, YAA-C1-C3, CB1, MCIM, HEP., 129(P) (ALL), 3 LL, LEWIS LUNG, HE 10734, GL 26 (G26), RIDGWAY (+ROS), T 241, 402A III (ALL), 30L, GL 4967A, BRL, S 2, K 237, HEP. 22, LA, BW 7756, BW 10232, X 5647, SPC 1, EL 4, FRIEND, B16, MBL 1, E RL66-7, FBL 3, DBAH, DBAG, XXIIA (HEP), LETTRE, MMC1A, MSWB (ALL), LNSF, CD/5, A128, T 2146, ASL1, ERLD, NK (LY) (L), LEWIS BLADDER CARC., CAD2, BW 1081, P1081, B82, K 36, MT 70, RPC-6A (ALL), SAHI-1, 2677, LAH, A2, CE 1460, ZIMMERMAN (ZE), L-14 (AKR), 695, BP7/A (ALL), SEWA-(C10) (ALL), SESO-(CL5) (ALL), S24, OG-1, BR6

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Lab Anim Handbooks 1969; 3:5-137.

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