Submissions from 1979

The distribution of aklaline phosphatase activity in normal and cross-species regenerated rat and mouse taste buds., A A. Zalewski

Effect of total lymphoid irradiation (tli) on the primary and secondary antibody response to sheep red blood cells., bar I. Zan, S Slavin, and S Strober

The relationship between surface immunoglobulin isotype and immune function of murine b lymphocytes. IV. Role of igd- -bearing cells in the propagation of immunologic memory., bar I. Zan, S Strober, and E S. Vitetta

Concentration of fibronectin in plasma of tumor-bearing mice and synthesis by ehrlich ascites tumor cells., L Zardi, C Cecconi, O Barbieri, B Carnemolla, A Picca, and L Santi

Resistance of nude mice to herpes simplex virus and correlation with in vitro production of interferon., R Zawatzky, J Hilfenhaus, and H Kirchner

Selective expression of murine lymphocyte alloantigens controlled by the x-chromosome., M Zeicher, E Mozes, Y Reisner, and P Lonai

A simplified method for freezing mouse embryos., G H. Zeilmaker and C M. Verhamme

Development of rat blastocysts under the kidney capsule of nude mice. Prolonged survival and absence of immuni- zation., G H. Zeilmaker and C M. Verhamme

Immunoglobulin variable region. II. Chain location of variable region determinants., J B. Zeldis, W H. Konigsberg, F F. Richards, D R. Rosenstein, and C A. The

The location and expression of idiotypic determinants in the immunoglobulin variable region-- iii. Expression of the protein 315 and 460 idiotypic determinants in mouse anti-dnp antibodies., J B. Zeldis, R Riblet, W H. Konigsberg, and R W. Rosenstein

Denervation effects on dystrophic and normal muscles and the etiology of dystrophy., R J. Zeman and A Sandow

Camp-dependent protein kinase from mouse thymocytes. Localization, characterization, and evaluation of the physiological relevance of a massive cytosol to nucleus translocation., Y Zick, R Cesia, and S Shaltiel

Effect of interchain disulfide bond on hapten binding properties of light chain dimer of protein 315., R Zidovetski, A Licht, and I Pecht

The specific binding of murine t cells to macrophages is h-2 restricted. Abstr., H K. Ziegler

The specific binding of listeria monocytogenes-immune t lymphocytes to macrophages. I. Quantitation and role of h-2 gene products., K Ziegler and E R. Unanue

Serological characterization of a nervous system/sperm antigen (ns-52): demonstration of its presence on murine preimplantation embryos., A Zimmermann, M Vadeboncoeur, and J L. Press

The distribution of myelin basic protein in subcellular fractions of developing jimpy mouse brain., T R. Zimmerman and S R. Cohen

Association of disease susceptibility to major histocompatibility antigens., R M. Zinkernagel

Search for suppression of t cells specific for the second nonhost h-2 haplotype in f1-p irradiation bone marrow chimeras., R M. Zinkernagel and A Althage

Thymic reconstitution of nude f1 mice with one or both parental thymus grafts., R M. Zinkernagel, A Althage, and G Callahan

Reinnervation of adult muscle in organ culture restores tetrodotoxin sensitivity in the absence of electrical activity., L Ziskind and A J. Harris

Induction by thymic fractions of t cell subsets capable of modulating gvhr intensity., L Zollinger and E F. Potworowski

Reticuloendothelial cells as the site of production of mif induced by tilorone hydrochloride., W Zschiesche

Pathogenicity of mengo virus to mice. Iii. Potentiation of infection by immunosuppressants., W Zschiesche and A Veckenstedt

Specificity of lactoferrin as an inhibitor of granulocyte- -macrophage colony-stimulating activity production from fetal mouse liver cells., J R. Zucali, H E. Broxmeyer, and J A. Ulatowski

Obtaining viable hemopoietic progenitor cells and cells capable of producing erythropoietin and granulocyte-macrophage colony- stimulating activity from mouse fetal liver. Abstr., J R. Zucali, J A. Ulatowski, and E A. Mirand

Thiourea enhances survival and prevents dna crosslinking in cells treated with cis-platinum(ii)diamminedichloride(pdd). Abstr., L A. Zwelling, J Filipski, and K Kohn

Effect of thiourea on survival and dna cross-link formation in cells treated with platinum(ii)complexes, l-phenylalanine mustard, and bis(2-chloroethyl)methylamine., L A. Zwelling, J Filipski, and K W. Kohn

Dna-protein and dna interstrand cross-linking by cis- and trans-platinum(ii) diamminedichloride in l1210 mouse leukemia cells and relation to cytotoxicity., L A. Zwelling and E A. Kohn

Response of mouse intestine to 14mev neutrons., F Zywietz, H Jung, A Hess, and H D. Franke