Submissions from 1983

Dominant lethal effects of n-butyl glycidyl ether in mice., E B. Whorton, T G. Pullin, A F. Frost, A Onofre, M S. Legator, and D S. Folse

Cytolytic t-lymphocyte clones with helper cell characteristics., M B. Widmer, D C. Roopenian, and F H. Bach

N,n-dimethylformanide (dmf) induces premature senescence of murine bone marrow cell cultures. Abstr., M C. Wiemann, H Haronian, B C. Creswick Jr., and P Calabresi

Recovery of bone marrow hemopoiesis after cisplatin administration. Abstr., D Wierda and M Matamoros

Murine osteopetroses - a new model for studies of interactions between hemopoiesis and hemopoietic stroma. Abstr., jedrzejczak W. Wiktor, A Ahmed, C Szczylik, R R. Skelly, Z Pojda, and J A. Kruszewski

Adherent cell growth from murine bone marrow in liquid cultures. Inbred strain variability and effects of mutations affecting hemopoiesis., jedrzejczak W. Wiktor, A Ptasznik, A Ahmed, and C Szczylik

The interrelationship of murine bone marrow and spleen in response to vinblastine: the role of colony stimulating factor. Abstr., D Williams, J E. Fitzpatrick, and F Orsini

The effects of vinblastine (vnbl) on the cfu-c of stem cell deficient w anemic mice. Abstr., D Williams, J Fitzpatrick, and F Orsini

Host protective antibodies and serum immunoglobulin isotypes in mice chronically infected or repeatedly immunized with the nematode parasite nematospiroides dubius., D J. Williams and J M. Behnke

Human tumor necrosis factor produced by human b-cell lines: synergistic cytotoxic interaction with human interferon., B D. Williamson, E A. Carswell, B Y. Rubin, P, and L J. Old

C3h/hej peyer's patch accessory cell-t cell enhancement of iga synthesis. Abstr., S I. Williamson, D M. Spalding, J R. Mcghee, and W J. Koopman

Mrna from mutant y1 adrenal cells directs the synthesis of altered regulatory subunits of type 1 camp-dependent protein kinase., S A. Williams and B P. Schimmer

Development-dependent regulation of n-acetyl-beta-d-hexosaminidase of cerebellum and cerebrum of normal and staggerer mutant mice., W Willie, U A. Heinlein, michl I. Spier, H Thielsch, and E Trenkner

Antitumor activity of two hydroxybenzoate complexes of chartreusin (nsc 5159) in mice bearing p388 leukemia. Abstr., M G. Willimas, G K. Poochikian, and J C. Cradock

Tissue interactions in basal regions of the cranial neuro- epithelium in the c57bl mouse., D B. Wilson

Effect of interferon on encephalomyocarditis virus infection of cultured mouse pancreatic b cells., G L. Wilson, S C. Bellomo, and J E. Craighead

Decline in male mouse pheromone with age., M C. Wilson and D E. Harrison

Inhibition of dna methylation by chemical carcinogens in vitro., V L. Wilson and P A. Jones

Distribution of peritoneal macrophage populations after intraven- ous injection in mice: differential effects of eliciting and activating agents., R H. Wiltrout, M J. Brunda, E Gorelik, E S. Peterson, O J. Dunn, J Leonhardt, L Varesio, R, and H T. Holden

Mode of action of t-mutants in sperm haplophase. Abstr., H Winking

Mycoplasma hyorhinis gdl surface protein antigen p120 defined by monoclonal antibody., K S. Wise and R K. Watson

Carcinogenic pah compounds suppressed cell mediated immune functions, and alter t-cell subsets in splenic lymphocyte populations. Abstr., A Wojdani, M Nieto, and L J. Alfred

Is greater susceptibility to hyperplasia related to the earlier appearance and greater incidence of neoplasia in yellow obese avy mice? abstr., G L. Wolff

Susceptibility to induction of bladder hyperplasia in mice by 2-acetylaminofluorene., G L. Wolff, D W. Gaylor, C H. Frith &, B L. Suber, and L G. Assay:

Depletion of reserve in the hemopoietic system. Iii. Factors affecting the serial transplantation of bone marrow., N S. Wolf, G V. Priestley, and L E. Averill

The significance of regional lymph node cell mediated cytotoxicity in the response of a murine adenocarcinoma to chemoimmunotherapy. Abstr., N Wolmark and B Fisher

Presence of alpha, nu, and gamma2b-specific rna species in peyer's patches and tepc 15 iga myeloma. Abstr., G E. Woloschak and C D. Liarakos

Effect of glucose stimulation on 45calcium uptake and total calcium content of pancreatic islets of fed and fasted rats and obese hyperglycemic mice., G H. Wolters, J B. Wiegman, and W Konijnendijk

The response to previously irradiated mouse skin to heat alone or combined with irradiation: influence of thermotolerance., J Wondergem and J Haveman

Monoclonal antibodies to human sperm antigens. Abstr., E Wong, V L. Lum, E Low, Y S. Huang, M, and C G. Lee

Direct measurements of basal bone resorption in microphthalmic mice in vivo., K M. Wong, J Zika, and L Klein

Induction of single strand deoxyribonucleic acid breaks by antitumor agent mamsa. Abstr., S K. Wong, C H. Huang, and S T. Crooke

The effect of timing of multiple donor-specific or nonspecific blood transfusions on skin allograft survival in als-treated mice., M L. Wood, R Gottschalk, and A P. Monaco

Suppressor cell recruitment to long-term grafts in als, marrow-injected mice., M L. Wood, R Gottschalk, R L. Simmons, and A P. Monaco

Truncated matruation of alloreactive t cells in neonatally h-2 tolerant mice., P J. Wood and J W. Streilein

Production of lymphocyte activating factor in vivo., P R. Wood, L, and R Clark

Genetic control of type ii collagen-induced arthritis in mice: factors influencing disease susceptibility and evidence for multiple mhc-associated gene control., P H. Wooley, A M. Dillon, H S. Luthra, J M. Stuart, and C S. David

Evidence for a steroid-responsive non-mast cell pool of uterine histamine in the mouse. Abstr., R Wordinger, E Orr, K Pace, and D Brown

New 2,5-disubstituted benzimidazoles as potential mitotic blockers. Abstr., L L. Wotring, S Ram, D S. Wise, and L B. Townsend

Free radical scavengers inhibit vp-16 induced dna damage and cytotoxicity. Abstr., A J. Wozniak, K R. Hande, and W E. Ross

Dna damage as a basis for 4'-demethylepipodophyllotoxin-9- -(4,6-0-ethylidene-beta-d-glycopyranoside) (etoposide) cytotoxicity., A J. Wozniak and W E. Ross

Recognition of h-2kk variant cells by an antiinfluenza cytotoxic t-cell clone., D C. Wraith, B Holtkamp, and B A. Askonas

The role of calcium in macrophage-mediated tumor cell cytotoxicity. Abstr., B S. Wright, R Greig, I Zeidman, and G Poste

Mechanistic studies of a novel antitumor drug, alpha- -1,3,5-trigylcidyl-s-triazinetrione (alpha-tgt): cytotoxic effects, inhibition of nucleic acid syntheses and macro- molecular binding. Abstr., F Y. Wu and E Mckenna

Comparative studies on the structural organization of membrane- -depleted nuclei and metaphase chromosomes., H Wunderli, M Westphal, B Armbruster, and P Labhart

Replication of respiratory syncytial virus in lungs of immunodeficient mice., P R. Wyde, C Sun, and V Knight

Fibroblast stimulation in schistosomiasis. IV. Isolated egg granulomas elaborate a fibroblast chemoattractant in vitro., D J. Wyler and A E. Postlethwaite

The response of stromal progenitor cells in mouse marrow to graded repeated doses of x rays or neutrons., C X. Xu, J H. Hendry, and N G. Testa

Influence of lymphokines on the anti-tnp-ficoll response of normal and x-linked b lymphocyte-defective mice., B Xue, M K. Bell, and G J. Thorbecke

Treatment with anti-igd from birth and transplantation of igd-secreting plasmacytoma can both cause enhancement of igm and igg antibody production. Abstr., B Xue, T Hirano, B Pernis, Z Ovary, and G J. Thorbecke

Analysis of the b cell subpopulations influenced by allogeneic effect factor. I. Mhc restricted enhancement of b cell responses to thymic-independent antigens, types 1 and 2, in normal and cba/n mice., L J. Yaffe, J J. Mond, A Ahmed, and I Scher

Mutants. II. Identification of a shared mutation in b6-h-2bm6, b6.c-h-2bm7, And b6.c-h-2bm9., K M. Yamaga, G M. Pfaffenbach, L R. Pease, D Mcgovern, T Nisizawa, R W. Melvold, H I. Kohn, N S. Nathenson b, and M S. Related

Mutants. I. Identification of a shared mutation n b6-h-2bm5 and b6-h-2bm16., K M. Yamaga, G M. Pfaffenbach, L R. Pease, D Mcgovern, T Nisizawa, R W. Melvold, H I. Kohn, N S. Nathenson, and C S. Related

The effect of maternal antigenic stimulation upon the active immune responsivness of their offspring., N Yamaguchi, S Shimizu, A Hara, and T Saito

Idiotype-specific t lymphocytes. I. Regulation of antibody production by idiotype-specific h-2-restricted t lymphocytes., H Yamamoto, S Bitoh, M Torii, and S Fujimoto

Characteristic immunological responses to an experimental mouse brain tumor., T Yamasaki, H Handa, J Yamashita, Y Namba, and M Hanaoka

Acidification of endocytic vesicles by an atp-dependent proton pump., D J. Yamashiro, S R. Fluss, and F R. Maxfield

Sensory distinction between h-2b and h-2bm1 mutant mice., K Yamazaki, G K. Beauchamp, I K. Egorov, J Bard, L Thomas, and E A. Boyse

Use of in vitro culture at 37oc to prolong islet xenografts survival (rat to mouse)., Y Yasunami, P E. Lacy, J M. Davie, and E H. Finke

The effects of membrane modification and hyperthermia on the survival of p-388 and v-79 cells., M B. Yatvin, J W. Vorpahl, M N. Gould, and M Lyte

Neurofibrillary tangles in senile dementia of the alzheimer type share an antigenic determinant with intermediate filaments of the vimentin class., S Yen, F Gaskin, and S M. Fu

Hyperthermia-induced intracellular ionic level changes in tumor cells., P N. Yi, C S. Chang, M Tallen, W Bayer, and S Ball

Intramolecular organization of class i h-2 mhc antigens: localization of the alloantigenic determinants and the beta2m binding site to different regions of the h-2 kb glycoprotein., K Yokoyama and S G. Nathenson

Polymorphism and diversity in the tla gene system., K Yokoyama, E Stockert, L R. Pease, Y Obata, L J. Old, and S G. Nathenson

Toxic effects of sodium selenite on pregnant mice and modification of the effects by vitamin e or reduced glutathione., J Yonemoto, H Satoh, S Himeno, and T Suzuki

Virus-induced diabetes in mice., J Yoon and A L. Notkins

C-band patterns of chromosomes in 17 strains of mice., M Yoshida and Y Kodama

Periodic acid-schiff positive deposits associated with aging in mouse brains., Y Yoshii and T L. Phillips

Effect of adjuvant endocrine and adjuvant chemoendocrine therapies on metastasis of androgen-dependent shionogi carcinoma 115., T Yoshikawa, Y Kitamura, N Uchida, K Yamaguchi, and K Matsumoto

Akr thymic lymphomas involving mink cell focus-induced murine leukemia viruses have a common region of provirus integration., F K. Yoshimura and K L. Levine

Anaplastic carcinomas in nude mice and in original donor strain rats inoculated with cultured oval cells., H Yoshimura, R Harris, S Yokoyama, S Takahashi, M A. Sell, F. Pan, and B Lombardi

Genetic control of the immune response to myoglobin. Xvi. Control of antibodies with preselected specificities following immunization with free syntehtic peptides representing the antigenic sites or surface non-immunogenic locations in the protein., C R. Young, H E. Schmitz, and M Z. Atassi

Decreased glycolipid antigen expression in lymphoma cell variants escaping from anti-glycolipid serotherapy., W W. Young Jr., Y Tamura, H S. Johnson, and D A. Miller

Effect of immune pressure on the intrinsic characteristic of a cloned fibrosarcoma. Abstr., S Yu, N Wang, and C F. Mckhann

Response of advanced l1210 in mice to single doses of deoxyazacytidine in combination with thymidine or pyran copolymer (mve-4). Abstr., D S. Zaharko and J M. Covey

Mechanism of the a/ Tumor graft rejection in syngeneic mice., J Zakany, T Janossy, P Nemeth, G Chihara, J Fachet, and G Petri

Sixteen new h-2 haplotypes derived from wild mice., rutczynska Z. Zaleska, F Figueroa, and J Klein

Formation of glucuronide, sulphate and glutathione conjugates of benzo[a]pyrene metabolites in hepatocytes isolated from inbred strains of mice., J Zaleski, S K. Bansal, and T Gessner

Differences in the requirements for primary anti-thy-1 responses elicited by intact or by sonicated allogeneic thymocytes., M B. Zaleski and J S. Reichner

Modulation of b and t cell subsets in mice treated with fractionated total lymphoid irradiation. I. Blockage of differentiating b cell pathways., bar I. Zan

Modulation of b and t cell subsets in mice treated with fractionated total lymphoid irradiation. II. Tolerance susceptibility of b cell subsets., bar I. Zan

Modulation of b and t cell subsets in mice treated with fractionated total lymphoid irradiation (tli). IV. Expression of tl5-bearing cells in spleen and bone marrow of tli-treated mice., bar I. Zan

The role of ly-5.1 In murine natural killer (nk) cell- -mediated immunity against yac-1 target cells. Abstr., M Zaroukian, W Esselman, and H Miller

Autoreactive t cell colonies. Abstr., M Zauderer, D A. Faherty, D R. Johnson, D M. Seman, and F O. And

Naturally occurring leukemia viruses in h-2 congenic c57bl mice. Iii. Characterization of c-type viruses isolated from lymphomas induced by milk transmission of b-ecotropic virus., M Zijlstra, R E. Goede, H J. Schoenmakers, A Schinkel, W Hesselink, J Portis, and C Melief

Thymus differentiation and t-cell specificity in nu/nu+/+ mouse aggregation chimaeras., R M. Zinkernagel, K Burki, F Cottier, S D. Kossodo, A Althage, and K Illmensee

Changes in intracellular glutathione levels in stimulated and unstimulated lymphocytes in the presence of 2-mercaptoethanol or cysteine., J Zmuda and B Friedenson

Extracellular matrix production by the adherent cells of long-term murine bone marrow cultures., K S. Zuckerman and M S. Wicha

Hematopoietic extracellular matrix production in murine long term bone marrow cultures. Abstr., K S. Zuckerman, M S. Wicha, D D. Goodrum, V R, T, and L A. Mayo

Ectopic expression of small intestinal brush border associated enzymes in human colorectal carcinomas developed in nude mice. Abstr., A Zweibaum, leon S. Robine, P S. assmann, I Triadou, M Pinto, E Dussaulx, I Kedinger, and K Haffen