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Colinearity in the mouse genome: a study of chromosome 2.

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Chromosome-Banding, Chromosome-Mapping, Crossing-Over-(Genetics), Linkage-(Genetics), Meiosis, Mice: ge, SUPPORT-U-S-GOVT-P-H-S, Translocation-(Genetics)

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Cytogenet-Cell-Genet. 1979; 23(4):255-63.


The cytologic positions (determined by G-banding) of the breakpoints on mouse chromosome 2 of a series of ten reciprocal translocations were compared with their most probable genetic positions on the linkage map, as determined by studies on recombination with known chromosome 2 (= linkage group V) markers. The most probable proximaldistal orders of the genetic and cytologic breakpoints were found to be the same; i.e., the two sets of breakpoints were colinear. However, there was no close correspondence between these two measures of the distance apart of adjacent breakpoints, since some translocation breaks which were well separated in G-band positions seemed close together in terms of the linkage map, and vice versa. This helps to confirm LYON'S conclusion that in certain mouse chromosomes, including No. 2, the distribution of chiasmata is nonrandom.

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