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Influence of genetic background on the expression of mutations at the diabetes locus in the mouse. II. Studies on background modifiers.

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Contemporary topics in the study of diabetes.



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IN: Contemporary Topics in the Study of Diabetes. Shafrir E, ed. 1975:182-7.


The expression of the diabetes (db) and obese (ob) genes differs markedly, depending on the modifiers present in the inbred background. In order to determine the number and action of the modifying genes, we have compared the development of the obese-diabetic syndrome in diabetes mice of the BL/6 and BL/Ks strains, their F1 hybrids and the backcrosses to each parental strain. Our observations establish that the modification of the diabetic syndrome is under multigenic control and that the modifiers in the BL/6 genome that determine the milder diabetes associated with islet hypertrophy are dominant to those in the BL/Ks genome that cause severe diabetes associated with islet atrophy. The possibility is discussed that these modifying genes may act directly on the islets of Langerhans by determining the type of response to hyperglycemic stress.


Reprint from Isr J Med Sci 1975;11:708-13

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